Frequently Asked Questions

Approximately 1200 sq ft downstairs and 1200 sq ft upstairs.

Walls are Snowbound. Trim is Alabaster. Front door is Lemon Twist. Exterior is Extra White. All by Sherwin Williams.

I've created a SHOP section on my website that includes embedded links on pictures of my home.

Unfortunately I can't help you here. My flooring contractor mixed a variety of colors to achieve my desired hue on my floors. The ceilings are completely natural only coated with polyurethane.

My local friend, Leslie Rainer Designs, did them and I highly recommend her. If you aren't local, here are some I found that are similar:


This is definitely something I'm exploring doing on an extremely limited and selective basis.


I sure want to! If you have a lead to share or a home to sell, please reach out via my contact page.