Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and I have five of my most favorite small shops to share with you today! But first, I have to start this post with a picture of my sweet mama! Y’all I can’t even tell you how much I adore and love her. She is truly my right hand. In […]

The time has come for my bi-annual flower bed ANNUALS replacement.  And honestly, the spring switcharoo is always the most painful.  Why? All winter long my pansies provide vibrant color and even in the doldrums of the cold season, it looks like spring around my cottage.  But come late February and into early March, the […]

  Let me be super honest with you.  Right after all this coronavirus mess started (well after it became REAL), I had a big ole meltdown.  It was the Saturday before the governor of Louisiana issued our stay at home order. Please, no chastising, but initially I was one of those who thought, “Oh this […]

Y’all this journey never ceases to amaze me.  I’ve told y’all before…. When I started this project, I was like, “Ok well I’m sure some Minden friends, my parents and my siblings will like my photos and will want to see the progress.”  But then something strange and unexpected happened.  A few people started following […]

Hey everybody! First of all, to aggregate everything about the new cottage on social media, I’ve decided on the hashtag #CottageonFort!  The new cottage sits at the edge of the Minden Historic Residential District on Fort Avenue, and y’all KNOW I like to keep things simple, so thus #CottageonFort it is!  Hooray!  You’ll be able […]

Surprise you guys!!!! Guess what?! I’m renovating another adorable, cozy cottage! HOORAY! I’ve been very vocal since the completion of my cottage of my desire to begin another project.  And y’all, I’ve been looking and looking EVERY SINGLE DAY since then. Last December, I had the most adorable little cottage under contract, but once I […]

Can you pinpoint a precise moment that changed absolutely everything about your life? That literally changed the trajectory of your path?  For me, that moment in history came in the form a conversation with my now ex-husband when he sat me down on Sunday evening, July 5, 2009, and told me he had messed up. […]

Hello sweet friends! You guys!!! What an immense blessing you have been to me this year! And WOW! What an amazing 2018 it has been!  When I look back on the last 10 years of my life, I stand in sheer amazement of how the Lord has allowed His glory to unfold in my life.  […]

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