Behind The Scenes with Red Land Cotton

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©Hector Manuel Sanchez

Back in the fall, I had the incredible opportunity to partner with Red Land Cotton on a styled photoshoot at my cottage. Their all natural, cotton linens are 100% made in America and their entire manufacturing operation takes place right here in the south. In fact, Red Land Cotton is based in Alabama and is a three-generation owned and operated, family business.

Red Land Cotton also enlisted the help of Hector Manuel Sanchez, a nationally renowned commercial photographer, and Missie Neville Crawford, a highly acclaimed photo stylist for magazines and brands (and former personal assistant to Cindy Crawford) to seamlessly pull off this shoot.  Between all of us, we spent hours planning, so the execution would be flawless.

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©Hector Manuel Sanchez

A few days before the shoot, the Red Land Cotton products began to arrive! A local friend, Makenzie Swilley, was our assistant and came by to help me organize and prepare all of the amazing all-natural, cotton products.  These luxury linens brought a warm, farm to home ambiance into my cottage that I truly appreciate.

vintage decor, ticking quilt, shabby chic

©Hector Manuel Sanchez

Missie arrived and created a dreamy bedroom set up in my greenhouse.  She used the Ticking Stripe Classic Quilt and it transported me back to the days of playing at my mamaw’s house.  My cousins and I all had ticking pillows our mamaw made us from flour sacks that were stuffed with chicken feathers.  The minute I laid eyes on this bedding I was in love, largely in part to the nostalgia that welled up in my heart.

farmhouse style, cozy bedroom, cozy room, master bedroom

©Hector Manuel Sanchez

Next, we transitioned to my bedroom, and Missie styled my queen size bed with the Classic Quilt in white, along with the Basic Sheet set and pillowcases, and topped it off with the matching euro shams.  She included lots of soft touches, like fresh flowers and a vintage clock.  And Hector, being the master capturer of perfect lighting, produced the coziest images of Red Land Cotton linens in my bedroom.

white towels, cozy decor, bathroom towels

©Hector Manuel Sanchez

cotton loungewear, cotton shirt, all American

©Hector Manuel Sanchez

Then, it was my turn to get behind the camera!  Red Land Cotton sent over two pieces of loungewear-The Wiley and The Sally– along with the cozy, Leighton bathrobe and an All-American blanket. All made from pure, 100% cotton fabric! I hopped into the dreamy greenhouse scene in The Sally and Hector captured a few styled shots of me on that gorgeous Ticking Stripe Quilt.  Then, we moved to the front porch, and Missie created a fun, morning coffee scene and I cuddled all up in the All-American blanket.  Lastly, I changed into The Wiley and we grabbed a few shots at my front door, and also a shot of me holding a stack of the Leighton Bath Towels.

master bathroom, white bathroom, shiplap

©Hector Manuel Sanchez

cotton towels, white towels

©Hector Manuel Sanchez

We were also tasked with styling the Leighton bathrobe and towels in my master bathroom to create a spa-like setting.  Once again, Missie and Hector worked their magic and we produced the dreamy images above.  What you can’t see from these images is that it was nighttime outside AND you cannot shoot professional pictures in artificial lighting.  Therefore, Hector actually used his amazing skills and lighting techniques to create this tranquil, bathroom scene.

back porch, cozy cottage, labradoodle

©Hector Manuel Sanchez

The next day, we created a charming, southern setting on my back porch bedswing, once again using the Ticking Stripe Classic Quilt and the All-American blanket.  I LOVE how Hector and Missie moved a rocking chair into the foreground for a perfect, porch-sitting setting.  And to top off the scene, Jax hopped in and Hector captured the glorious sunset streaming onto my porch.

The BEST team! Hector Manuel Sanchez, Missie Neville Crawford, Makenzie Swilley and me.

And by the time the shoot was over, we were all completely worn out!  We aimed to beautifully showcase Red Land Cotton’s Made in the USA, all natural, cotton products and we truly feel we pulled it off.  If you haven’t met my friends over at Red Land Cotton, definitely drop by their site and tell them I sent you!  You can use code SARA15 for 15% off your purchase. You will adore them as much as me!

If you have Red Land Cotton in your home already, tell me below the pieces you have and why you love them!  If you are just meeting Red Land Cotton, tell me below some things you read that intrigue you. Would love to hear your thoughts!

*This post contains affiliate links.  These don’t cost you a thing. 🙂 I receive a small commission from sales which help me to support the ongoing costs related to my blog.  Red Land Cotton also approved this post.




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  1. Cherri Urban says:

    I just ordered my third set of Red Land Cotton sheets. I love them! They are soft and crisp at the same time and they hold up so well.

  2. Cathy says:

    Everything is beautiful, looks so cozy and inviting, I want to order it all. @redlandcotten What a great group of professionals bringing us this beauty!

  3. Cris says:

    It’s all beautiful! The white bedding is gorgeous. That takes a lot of hard work! 😍

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