Styling the Simply Southern Cottage Rug Collection for Magnolia Network, In With the Old: Minden’s Mysterious Yellow House

My life seems to be a series of twists and turns of fate that continues to WOW me to no end. Last week, my episode of “In With the Old: Minden’s Mysterious Yellow House” aired on the Magnolia Network. If you weren’t able to catch the premiere, you can now stream it on HBO Max or DiscoveryPlus. I feel so fortunate to have been able to include rug designs from my Simply Southern Cottage collection. Here is the full rundown on the stunning rugs as seen in this episode.

Simply Southern Cottage Rug Collection
Photo by Hector Manuel Sanchez for Ivan Smith Furniture

Hodges Garden: Hodges Garden is named after the beloved former state park, Hodges Gardens located south of Shreveport and is an homage to this once thriving and vibrant garden. I remember going here with my Mamaw when I was a small child. This rug is bursting with orange, white and cornflower blue hydrangeas and is available in two background colors – navy and charcoal. When I was naming the rug, I immediately thought of Hodges Gardens and the beauty once there. Sadly, this park went out of usage but remains a great memory of my childhood.

Minden: This rug features timeless southern charm with a throwback to the parallelogram our town, Minden, Louisiana, was founded upon. Since the room is inspired by our lovely Dorcheat Bayou, I chose the neutral colorway to resemble the bayou floor hidden deep below the waters. I love the soft colors of the rug combined with the bold patterns of the wallpaper and chairs. If you’ve been around a while, you know I love to play with patterns and textures and I think this rug ties the room together beautifully.

Academy Rug

Academy: I knew I wanted this room, purportedly a former speakeasy, party room and dance floor, to remain dark and mysterious, but I needed something a little different to mix it up. My Academy rug was the perfect touch. Named after Academy Park in Minden, this rug throws a nod to one of the first all boys schools in the state of Louisiana. The base color of the rug is a perfect neutral gray, and the rust, yellow and blue accents throughout the tie in the dark wooden features throughout the space.

Simply Southern Rug Collection: Covington

Covington: My pink Covington runner is a fun pop of color and design within this already whimsical kitchen. I love how the pattern contrasts against the checkered pattern on the floor. Named after Covington, Georgia, this soft pink colorway also ties in with the pink florals from the Laura Ashley wallpaper on the walls.


Dorcheat: Named after our local bayou, Dorcheat, one of my favorite features of my Simply Southern Cottage rug collection is some of them can be used both indoors and outdoors. This adorable polka dot rug is available in gray, beige and blue. The gray colorway is a perfect addition to this front porch. I love how cozy the space feels even outdoors.

Lecompte: Named after the home of the famous Lea’s Pies, my Lecompte runner is the first rug you see when entering the home. You instantly are wrapped in cozy, southern cottage charm as soon as you walk in the door. The pink draws in the colors of the wallpaper and decor throughout the home. It also contrasts nicely against the green floors.

Although this post features the rugs as seen on Magnolia Network, In With the Old, you can shop these entire spaces HERE.

In closing, I am completely awe-inspired that I have a rug collection. And the fact that I have had my rug collection featured on two major networks now, HGTV Hometown Takeover: Fort Morgan AND on my own episode on Magnolia Network, is completely beyond me. I was supposed to be a school superintendent at this point in my life and well here we all are. What a journey! Hope you’ll stick around because I wholeheartedly believe the best is yet to come!

Let me know in the comments below which one of these rugs or spaces is your favorite.

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