The Comeback of White Appliances

Photo by Hector Manuel Sanchez of the Fuller White House as seen on In With the Old on Magnolia Network

Move over stainless steel, because white appliances are making a comeback! Today, I’m thrilled to spill the tea on why I opted for these stunning white GE Cafe appliances in the home I recently renovated on Magnolia Network’s ‘In With The Old: Minden’s Mysterious Yellow House.’ I ordered all of these white GE Cafe Appliances from AJ Madison, and it was a breeze! For all other products used in the Mysterious Yellow House, check out my Amazon Storefront or LTK Storefront. Let’s dive into the top five reasons behind this classic choice and why I believe white appliances are making a BIG comeback.

Timeless Appeal

White appliances have an enduring charm that transcends trends. In a home with a history as rich as the Mysterious Yellow House, I wanted appliances that would stand the test of time while adding a touch of grace. The white GE Cafe appliances blend seamlessly with my cozy cottage aesthetic, creating a canvas that allows other design elements to shine.

Photo by Hector Manuel Sanchez

Versatile Canvas for Design

Renovating a historical home involves striking a balance between preserving its character and infusing modern comforts. White appliances provided the perfect neutral backdrop, and allowed me to play with a spectrum of colors in the kitchen. From salvaged wood floors (which I had painted by the amazing @haydenpaints) to whimsical floral accents, the versatility of white created a harmonious design palette.

Photo by Hector Manuel Sanchez

Reflecting Natural Light

The Mysterious Yellow House is bathed in natural light, and I wanted the kitchen to be a bright and inviting space. White appliances reflect light beautifully, creating a luminous atmosphere that makes the heart of the home feel even more welcoming. It’s all about harnessing the power of sunlight to enhance the overall ambience.

Easy Maintenance and Cleanliness

Because this home is a gathering place for retreats, showers, small parties and other micro-meetings, practicality is key. White appliances not only exude sophistication but are also remarkably easy to maintain. Any spills or splatters can be effortlessly wiped away, and cleaning becomes a breeze. A kitchen should be as functional as it is stylish, and white appliances strike that perfect balance.

Seamless Integration with Other Appliances

The GE Cafe series not only brings timeless aesthetics, but also boasts a cohesive design across its range of appliances. The white finish ensures that my refrigerator, oven, microwave and dishwasher seamlessly blended into a unified kitchen design. It’s all about that curated look, where each element complements the other without overpowering.

Photo by Hector Manuel Sanchez

Choosing white GE Cafe appliances from AJ Madison for the Mysterious Yellow House was a design decision grounded in a deep appreciation for classic elegance and a nod to the history of this charming cottage. I’m beyond thrilled with how the kitchen turned out, and I can’t wait for y’all to see how these appliances elevate the heart of this home on ‘In With The Old.’ Stay tuned for more southern charm and timeless design inspiration! For more information and pictures of this renovation, head on over to my Instagram.

Your turn! How are you feeling about white appliances? Are you ready to trade in your stainless steel? Leave a comment below and let’s discuss.

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  1. Donna says:

    I recently updated my kitchen and opted for a white Verona range and I love it! My fridge and dishwasher are still stainless, but the white range with stainless accents works with them beautifully. 🙂

  2. Deb Flowers says:

    Yea for white appliances! We’ve kept patching up our fridge until this trend returned. We love our dark oak cabinets, and the contrast of white appliances is perfect!

  3. Jill says:

    Love your style and love the white appliances…makes me want to change out everything in my 3 yr old kitchen :)!!

  4. Tracie says:

    When my husband and I renovated our Cape Cod cottage, I chose white appliances for the same reasons. White appliances fit the era of the home and added to the cozy feel we wanted. Stainless steel feels too industrial or professional. (Although I’ve lived in two homes that did have stainless steel appliances, so I know they can work.) I appreciate the brass handles and knobs that add understated elegance. The feel is more Old World.

  5. Debbie says:

    My 26 year old white Magic Chef refrigerator finally died. I’m always late to the game – I’m just starting the stainless journey!!!! I’ve been really tired of white but can’t justify replacing until they quit!

  6. Barbara Stainback says:

    I built my house 18 years ago. I wanted all white kitchen appliances. My walls are painted in a light green that almost looks like lime sherbet. My nephew walked in and told me felt like he could lick the walls. My cabinets are painted white. I have emerald green glass knobs on all the cabinets. The knobs are the first thing people notice. My white appliances blend in with the cabinets. So glad they are coming back, I will need to replace them down the road. I do not like stainless steel. They look cold. They remind me of restaurants and the morgue scenes in NCIS.

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