The Great Wedding Ring Giveaway Winners

A few weeks ago I announced my wedding ring giveaway. We had 223 total entries! ALL are deserving, but here are our winners!
My wedding ring appraised for $3500 by Gray’s Jewelers in Minden, Louisiana

A few months ago I announced my wedding ring giveaway. My heart is a believer in grace and all things redemption. I believe old houses, people and even a wedding ring deserves a new beginning and a second chance. It’s time to part with mine, and allow a new, redemptive journey to unfold. We had 223 total entries! WOW! I personally read through each one. ALL are deserving of this great prize. Ultimately I narrowed the pool down to five and allowed the Internet to choose the winners. 2000 votes came into my Google form and without further ado, here are your winners! (Refer back to the post HERE to cross reference the stories. Until the winners give me permission to share, they will be referred to here by their entry numbers.)

In this case EVERY single vote counted and the 1st and 2nd runner ups were SO close!


The winner will receive my wedding ring (valued at $3500 by Gray’s Jewelers in Minden, Louisiana), a photo session by Hector Manuel Sanchez, a 2 night stay at The Villas at Spanish Court, and $500 travel cash.

With 35.1% of the vote, this deserving couple is our grand prize winner. Be sure to hop back to the voting post HERE to read their entire story. It is one for the record books and involves the throws of addiction, job loss and then a reclamation story that will tug at your heart strings!

Each couple will receive a two night stay at The Villas at Spanish Court in Minden, La

First Runner Up-Entrant 111

With 21.6% of the vote, Entrant 111 will receive a bridal set (gifted by an online community member of Simply Southern Cottage) and a two night stay at The Villas at Spanish Court.

This couple’s story is also one of rehabilitation and recovery both in their lives and marriage. They have done the hard work to repair damage done to their marriage and are set to renew their vows this summer.

Second Runner Up-Entrant 172

With 21.1% of the vote, Entrant 172 is our 2nd runner up and will receive a two night stay at The Villas at Spanish Court.

This story reads like The Notebook. A couple divided by religion and socioeconomic status. Destined to be together, but massive obstacles along the way. You definitely need to read their story.


From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU to everyone who participated in this wedding ring giveaway. Whether you entered the giveaway, or you helped by voting for finalists and winners, thank you so much for being a part of this redemption story, both for my ring and for the couples who will be blessed. It’s my hopes that this giveaway will inspire you in some shape, form or fashion to bless others around you too. Sending lots of love and light to all. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

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  1. Carolyn Miller says:

    Oh how I hope we get to meet these couples!! I loved reading their stories and how sweet other people pitched in for the second and third place prizes! So many blessings in their stories and in real life!

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