I'm the heart and hands behind Simply Southern Cottage. And I'm profoundly touched that you're here. Welcome!

My journey is woven through the warp and weft of homes that whisper of the past, with the turning point being the subject of The Beginning linked at the bottom of this page. That's where you'll find the seeds of everything Simply Southern Cottage has blossomed into. It's a tale stitched with prayer, grit, and a steadfast commitment to rebirth. 

Ever since a fourth-grade field trip whisked me away to the historic nooks of Jefferson, Texas, I've been spellbound by the charm of old houses. Fast forward 21 years, and my heart still races with every creaky floorboard and paint-peeling wall I encounter.

I'm Sara!

Hey Y'all!

The year 1998 marked the beginning of my hands-on dialogue with restoration. I tackled my first house, and from that moment, the thrill of transformation was etched into my being—the meticulous design, the labor of love, the sheer magic of the reveal.

Life, like the homes I pour my soul into, has had its share of wear and tear. I've faced times when my spirit mirrored the decay of my cherished Louisiana cottage featured in The Beginning, Yet, through every season of despair, faith has been the architect of my restoration. The vibrant yellow of my front door isn't just a color—it's a testament to the joy and the renewed melody within me.

Simply Southern Cottage is more than a chronicle of home renovations. It's an intimate account of the remarkable craftsmanship of the Lord within my life and a parallel to the extraordinary renewal happening within.

My little corner of the internet now goes beyond structural restoration; it's a movement of renewal and resilience and now a community where women come to celebrate the charm of the old, embrace the potential of the now, and weave tales of transformation together as members of the Simply Southern Sisterhood.

So come on in and make yourself at home. 

Whether we're talking simple living, clever and cost-effective decor, do-it-yourself adventures, or just savoring the sweetness of existence, your company makes this journey complete.

With Faith, Love, and Sawdust,


P.S. Discover how my life completely changed once I got my hands on this magical place, click here to read The Beginning