I'm always looking for new ways to connect and collaborate with people and brands. Here are some ways I look forward to serving my incredible, engaged audience of women seeking to thrive in their lives and homes.

Work with Sara

Simply Southern Sisterhood Membership:

Join my private, premier online community of women who understand your journey, share heartfelt support, and inspire you to live your best life. This isn't just another social club, online group, or hobby community; it's a virtual haven for women like you to let your guard down, be vulnerable in a safe space, seek support for your challenges or life transitions, share your own hard-won wisdom, and laugh or cry together. Members gain access to unique content, LIVE sessions with Sara and other experts among various topics, insider tips, and a community that supports and inspires each other's home and life transformations. Click here to learn more.

One-on-One Renovation Consultation:

Have a cottage that's calling for a comeback? A room that's yearning for a revival? I offer a limited number of 30-minute, one-on-one consultations each month. This is your gateway to tailored advice from a seasoned renovator. For $300, you'll receive insights steeped in my years of experience personalized to your project's needs. Let's uncover the potential of your space together. Click here to book your call. 

Stay In One of My Renovated Spaces:

Visit where I grew up in Webster Parish, Louisiana, for some well-deserved RNR in one of my renovated historical homes in the beautiful, quaint town of Minden, where you’ll be served up a healthy dose of southern hospitality. The Villas, in particular, are perfect if you are looking to host a fun retreat or getaway or idyllic stay for a reunion or other special group. All of my rental properties are curated and managed by me and my team, and each has a unique personality and thoughtful features guaranteed to make your stay one to remember. Click here for more about these properties and to book you stay!

P.I.N.K. Creatives Retreats + Resources:

I’ve partnered with my friend and frequent collaborator, Wendy Conklin of Chair Whimsy, to provide twice-yearly boutique-style business retreats for emerging creative entrepreneurs. These 3 days are packed with valuable mentorship rooted in our PINK values of Play, Inspire, Niche, and Know-How. Wendy and I uncover all of our best business practices and help creatives build successful businesses of their own. Also, stay tuned for our Professional Development Boutique, launching soon. Click here if you have or want to build a creative business.

Connect Directly with Sara

Shop My Home

Simply Southern Rug Collection:

Check out my signature collection of southern-inspired, cozy area rugs and bring a small piece of Simply Southern Cottage charm into your home! My curated collection of rugs embodies the spirit of the South—warm, inviting, and rich with tradition. Find the perfect foundation for your room and let the stories unfold beneath your feet. Click here to view the Simply Southern Cottage rug collection.

Amazon Storefront:

Here, you'll find an intentionally curated experience featuring items that use myself and love so much I want to share them with you! Everything is linked for easy purchase, and buying from my storefront helps support my content and programming. Check out all my favorites, here.

Collaborate with Sara & Simply Southern Cottage

Sponsorships & Brand Partnerships:

Speaking Engagements:

I love to work with like-hearted brands that evoke themes of restoration, both of homes and hearts. I welcome collaborations that resonate with the spirit of Simply Southern Cottage. To explore how our paths might intertwine, please fill out my collaboration form here, and tell me about your vision. I'm excited to learn about your project and how we might tell a story together that encourages and uplifts.

I cherish nothing more than helping others find their own path through sharing my story—My voice finds its strength in recounting how my life, much like my beloved cottage, found beauty in restoration.

I am available for a select number of speaking engagements each year, where I share my narrative of resilience and journey of overcoming through faith. If your event seeks to inspire, to kindle hope, or to celebrate transformative experiences, I would be honored to speak. Click here to share your event's vision, audience, and details, and together we can craft an experience that resonates with the heart.

Ready to turn ideas into action?

Whether you're looking to collaborate, seeking inspiration, or ready for a one-on-one consultation, I'm here, and ready to breathe life into your vision. With Simply Southern Cottage, it's always more than just another project; it's a journey we embark on together. Reach out to me with any other questions or needs.