Three Reasons Why Caladiums Are My New Favorite Summer Bulb


My gorgeous caladiums from from Van Zyverden, Inc. bulbs.

This year I tried something different and planted caladium bulbs from Van Zyverden, Inc. at Walmart in some of the shadier areas of my backyard.  Normally, I switch out annuals in the spring and fall (and still do some of that), but honestly, it gets costly and cumbersome each year.  I decided to give caladiums a try in hopes of garnering lots of bulb propagation and negate the need to replace annuals each year in some parts of my yard. (For reference, I live in Zone 8 in north Louisiana.)

Robert Jones with Four Seasons Landscaping adding caladiums to my beds along my brick fence.

My amazing landscaper, Robert Jones with Four Season Landscaping, planted several packs of caladiums from Van Zyverden, Inc. in the shadier areas along my brick fence and underneath my Japanese Magnolia tree.  We did this in early May after the ground warmed up and the threat of frost had passed.  It wasn’t long before little shoots of caladiums started to appear in those areas.  And about ten weeks after planting, I’ve officially decided that caladiums might be my new favorite summer bulb.  Here are three reasons why.

1. Caladiums have many gorgeous, variegated colors!  

It’s no secret I’m a BIG fan of pink, so I wanted my outdoor areas to reflect my indoor spaces. I chose to plant two different varieties that give off a magnificent show of pink variegation. And listen, they didn’t disappoint!  Both produced EXACTLY the depiction of the picture on the Van Zyverden, Inc. packaging. The back corner of my yard and underneath my Japanese Magnolia are covered with mounds of gorgeous pinks and reds.

I love how my little greenhouse is peaking through in the background.

2. Caladiums are easy to grow!

If there was ever a plant that I would call “plug and play,” it’s caladiums.  After Robert put them in the ground, it was effortless as I patiently waited for the show to unfold.  Living in Zone 8, it rapidly warmed up after planting, and in no time, little shoots started to appear.  We had ample rain throughout the month of May, but around the third week of the month, I did start running my sprinklers every other night for about twenty minutes.  You definitely don’t want the soil to dry out, so make sure to keep everything slightly moist but well drained.  Some varieties of caladiums can take a bit of full sun, but others prefer shade so be sure to check accordingly before you plant.  And once the shoots have popped to the surface, add a little Miracle Gro every two to three weeks to keep them hoppin’ all summer long. 

3. Caladiums add texture to summer gardens!

The back corner of my yard contains several taller trees, azaleas and agapanthus.  In order to add some interest and intrigue to the space, Robert planted several bulbs in front of the trees and azaleas and amongst the agapanthus.  The wispy caladium leaves add eye capturing intrigue to the corner and draws the interest of the viewer to the gorgeous, contrasting colors.

Do you see my granny’s little garden gnome?

After my first summer with caladiums, I can honestly say I’m sold.  It was 100% the right decision to give these a go and I’m so glad I was able to plant Van Zyverden, Inc. bulbs from Walmart.  

If you know me well, you know I’m a planner and I’m already thinking of what Van Zyverden, Inc. bulbs I can plant this fall that will spring forth with lots of color, intrigue and texture next spring.  Tulips, maybe?  What are some of your favorite spring and fall bulbs?  Be sure to check your Zone for the best time to plant your fall bulbs.  But it’s never too early to get a plan in place for the minute they hit the shelves. Let me know in the comments what questions I can answer about caladiums-my new favorite summer bulb.  

*Although Van Zyverden, Inc. sponsored this post, I only share things I truly love and I can honestly say these are my favorite. 





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  1. Becky says:

    I love caladiums. I plant them every year! And elephant ears. They grow like crazy!

  2. Paulette McMurry says:

    I have and love Caladiums too. Let us know what you are planting in the fall and when Walmart has the bulbs.


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