Styling My Bedroom for Fall

Fall is finally here (although it’s recently been nearly 100 degrees in Louisiana) and I could not be more excited! I love updating my home each season and fall is one of my favorites. With my new rug line, I felt it was the perfect opportunity to restyle my home, while incorporating fall décor in with my new rugs! I have the Franklin Multi Floral rug in my bedroom and it portrays so many gorgeous autumn colors. Keep reading for how I easily updated my bedroom, making it super cozy for fall.

Let’s Begin

When styling my bedroom for fall this season, I started with the rug.  When choosing which one of my new rugs from the Simply Southern Cottage collection with Orian Rugs I’d place in my bedroom, I wanted something warm, cozy and inviting, with gorgeous colors to play off of. That’s why I chose the Franklin Multi Floral rug! The base is a gorgeous cream color and I love how it pairs with my hardwood floors. And the florals add such warmth. There are multiple colors that are easy to accent, depending on the season! For fall, reds and oranges are a go-to and I love how they make my bedroom so cozy. (Please note this rug is available in other color ways also!)

The Bed

After choosing the perfect rug, it’s important to add coordinating bedding.  I love a good neutral duvet/bed skirt combo. This combo makes it easy to style your bedroom for any season. If you have a neutral base, exchanging the throw pillows and blankets seasonally quickly does the trick! For fall, I chose a few stunning orange throw pillows. They add warmth and give the room a pop of color! In addition to adding colorful throw pillows, a bright throw blanket is another great idea. It has the same effect as the pillows and is also easy to exchange each season.

Wall and Table Décor

The final step, when styling my bedroom for fall, is adding fall décor throughout the rest of the room. Cozy fall accents make such a huge difference. One of my favorite places to shop for my décor is Amazon! The selection is great and I love the affordability. For my bedroom, I added fall florals, a gorgeous wreath above my bed, and wall art. The florals make the space more homey, the wreath adds texture and coziness and the wall art helps bring the space together by filling any empty spaces. When put all together, this décor turns your bedroom into the cozy retreat of your dreams!

When adding a beautiful rug, pops of color to your bed, and fall accents throughout, you will achieve a gorgeous bedroom styled for autumn! These tips will also help you when styling your bedroom for summer, winter and spring. What is your favorite way to style your bedroom for fall? What type of décor do you add? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. JAN CARVER says:

    gorgeous – did u move ur school chairs from living room to ur bedroom & where does that beautiful barn door slide out to???

  2. DeAnna says:

    Lovely, Sara! Your bedroom is just lovely!

  3. Rosa says:

    Your room is beautiful! I have a couple of questions…..what size is your bed? full, queen or king? what size rug did you purchase? Thank you!

  4. I think that’s my favorite rug from your beautiful collection. Trying to figure out where I can put one here! Happy Fall. Your bedroom looks so cozy!

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