Creating Your Dream Fall Porch

It’s finally feeling like fall here in Louisiana! I’ve started bringing out my autumn decor and transforming my front and back porches into warm, cozy spaces.  I LOVE decorating for autumn! If it were up to me, we’d have all the fall cozies year around.  Today I want to show you some beautiful fall, porch decor as well as a few tricks I’ve learned along the way.

DIY Fall Pillows

The best way to decorate a porch is to incorporate seating that gives you a base layer to work with. I love this Alston Porch Swing and have been able to dress it up for any holiday or occasion; it makes the perfect base for any design idea. Last year, I got really creative and decided to start making my own pillows with fall designs. These were super easy to put together with my Cricut Explore Air 2. I just searched for cute fall designs on Cricut Design Space and used transfer paper to print designs on pillows. After that, I just used my Cricut Easypress to iron the designs onto my pillowcases and was super pleased with the final results. You can see a full DIY walk-through and finished product here.

Fall Porch Decor

More On Pillows

It is fair to say, I’m addicted to throw pillows! They are just soooo easy to use for decoration. If you have a porch swing, they are usually the focal point of your design. This Farmhouse Maple Pillow in the center is perfect for fall. Surrounding pillows can have a simpler design and accent the main piece, and these Plaid Pillow Covers are the perfect cozy touch. Next, you will want to layer some more pillows to fluff up your design using these Ticking Pillow Covers.

Fall Porch Decor

First Time Around

I love to layer pillows to get that extra cozy, full look. These pillows are from 2019, but I found similar ones here. Obviously, you have to incorporate pumpkins into almost any fall design. Try and play around with different sizes and colors to elevate the look. I wanted to incorporate some greenery to fill the negative space and give the pumpkins something to blend into. These black planters make for a great contrast against my white porch and are a steal from Walmart. I also really liked the idea of these Boxwood Potted Double Sphere Topiary Tree on each side of the swing. I am obsessed with the way these looked together; such an easy way to make porch decor look full and lush. Lastly, you should totally incorporate a rug! An outdoor rug is such an easy hack to decorate for the holidays and makes a space feel more inviting. I went with this simple Jenna Runner Rug in a beautiful neutral ivory color. 

Fall Porch Decor

New Level of Fall Decor

This year I started branching out and getting creative with my designs. I used the same pillows from years before but just started adding more, like this Pumpkin Family Lumbar Pillow Cover in the center. I love thrifting for these kinds of projects to find unique and timeless pieces. So much of my decor is reclaimed pieces! But as you can see, I did not hold back on layering everything in this space from pumpkins to greenery to chippy signs. I love incorporating rustic charm for this time of the year, so I included some vintage signs and metal tins to bring out the fall colors. Including this adorable pumpkin patch sign hanging above the swing, I think it really ties this whole look together.

Holy Grail Fall Porch

Holy Grail Fall Porch

I can’t believe my progress on this porch! It has been such an experience from where it started, to now. But I absolutely am obsessed with my current fall setup and spend as much time as possible on my bedswing. Incorporating previous year’s pillows again, but I added these Knit Square and Sherpa Plaid Square Throw Pillows. I found this adorable Fall Wreath pillow for the centerpiece that brings out all the oranges. This Rustic Fall Harvest Sign is the main character that really adds some sparkle to my porch. To set the mood, I hung these LED lights around the porch eaves. I needed one final detail to finish off this porch. And you guessed it! It’s this adorable floral area rug from my collection! (Side note this is an indoor rug that I styled up for this pic. It’s not meant for outdoor spaces.)

Fall Front Door Decor

Y’all sooooo many people tell me on the daily how my yellow door brings them so much joy! Obviously, I don’t repaint it for every season, but the yellow works especially well for the autumn months. I layered this Buffalo Plaid Check Rug and Hey There Pumpkin Doormat to add a more personal touch. I would also say it’s pretty standard to add a wreath to the front door, and I went a little overboard, lol, by adding some extra florals underneath my gas lanterns.  The steps leading up to my door are great for layering pumpkins and potted autumn plants.

I LOVE getting my porch ready for fall and hopefully provided you some inspiration for your own home. You don’t have to be a pro to decorate your own porch! Don’t be afraid to get a little crazy with your ideas. Even if it seems you’re going overboard, remember that layering is your friend! If you were inspired by some of my designs, you can shop all of the pieces I mentioned here:

Hop in the comments and let me know which components you like best on my fall porches. Then, share some ideas you have so I can learn from you!



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