How to Create a Cozy Home for Fall

If you haven’t started decorating for the fall or don’t feel like your decor is to the level you want it to be, don’t stress because it’s not too late! Here’s some inspiration to bring autumn vibes to life in your home. I love to layer different colors and textures in my home… little touches here and there make a world of difference. Today I’m going to share some of my favorite fall decor projects and how I bring COZY to life in my home!

All Things Fall Home

All Things Fall Fall Sitting Room

This is a favorite room in my house to decorate. I love mixing and matching the furniture and playing around with designs. As you can see, I’m not afraid of using brighter fall colors to bring the feeling of autumn warmth into my home. I shopped my home for things I already own to bring these spaces to life. And pumpkins always steal the show! You can add these Custom Decor Hand-Lettered Calligraphy Decorative Pumpkins anywhere in your space, layered on top of each other or spread out next to your furniture. I love my Cottonwood Shanty scroll hanging above the fireplace (I bought it back in 2019). However, I found this super cute Fall Wall Decor Scroll Sign, which is very similar if you like the look. Then, of course, I added some throw pillows and blankets into the mix, a staple for seasonal decor. These Autumn Market Knit Square Throw Pillows are super cozy and perfectly match this Orange Chenille Plaid Throw Blanket.

All Things Fall

All Things Fall

Living Room Decor

I usually keep my living room on the same track as my library area. It’s important to me for this room to feel SO cozy. I have a bank of gorgeous windows that let light into this room and also allows me to gaze upon the leaves changing color in the park across the street!  I brought in those same orange knit pillows from before but decided to add these Plaid Pillow Covers to add some pattern to this neutral space.  I also strongly suggest adding some florals into the mix.  But find the right colors, such as these Autumn Farmhouse Fake Fall Picks Floral Stems, and layer them where you please.

All Things Fall

Fall Kitchen

My kitchen was not always this cute and was part of my major renovation project. I love the results! I didn’t do much here besides adding a few pumpkins!  However, because my space is so neutral and bright, I could add just about almost any fall decor I please.  Check out your community thrift stores and farmers’ markets to find some unique rustic decor. I added more plaid and orange features here. Adding in a dish towel is also an easy touch you can incorporate.

All Things Fall

This is another one of my favorite corners of my home. Not necessarily fall-related, but this 3D Wooden World Map is such a cool feature. (Think Christmas gifts!!)  It also looks great with my fall decor! Again I took the same pillows I have been using throughout my home, and decided to do something new and tilt my basket vertically to stack in more pillows. I love how it turned out, and I just went in with more pumpkins to layer in this corner.

All Things Fall

Outdoor Fall Decor

I love how my little garage porch turned out!  I have this adorable pumpkin patch sign that was too perfect not to hang out here again.  I added these Boxwood Potted Double Sphere Topiary Trees to either side of my dining set to balance out the symmetry of this space. There was a lot of white space in this layout, so I focused on adding brighter colors of orange to make it feel inviting and cozy. I love these Sunbrella Indoor/Outdoor Throw pillows, and different colors help emphasize the surrounding colors in the environment.


Cozy Fall Porch

The Famous Fall Porch

This is my favorite outdoor space and I love styling it for the seasons.  I have a whole blog post about how I am able to style my backporch bedswing every year and you can read it here. Obviously, I had to go crazy on throw pillows again. I added these Autumn Market Sherpa Plaid Square Throw Pillows and Pumpkin Family Lumbar Pillow Cover along with the same pillows I mentioned earlier. I’m a big fan of adding large statement signs such as this Fall Sign Autumn Harvest Rustic Home Decor that hangs above my swing. Finally, I added my Jefferson Floral Area Rug out here for display purposes. Unfortunately, it is not an outdoor rug (YET) but it looks so cute here. Layering was a big part of this design, and just when I thought there was too much, I added another layer, and it looks great! And yes I know there is nowhere to sit, lol. This was styled for a pic!

Sadly, I know that we are already at the end of October; it seems like yesterday we were enjoying the last few days of summer. I love this time of the year, and fall decor is so fun to play around. Remember, you can go big or small for your home decor; adding small touches does the job. It just depends on your preferences. Happy decorating, and if you loved any of the pieces I mentioned today, you can find them here:

Hop into the comments and let me know some of your favorite things about these spaces and/or share what you like best about yours!


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  1. venturagirl@heart says:

    I can’t believe you were able to do all you have done in the last few weeks! Such an achievement. They all look amazing, including your own house. Happy Fall! 🍂🍁

  2. Angela says:

    I love your Fall decor throughout your home, very welcoming and warm. I am looking for the same Roman shades you have on your windows can you tell me where I can find them.


  3. Kelechi Alozie says:

    I love the decor looks really nice

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