Stocking Stuffers for the Holidays

If you are like me, I am full steam ahead into planning for Christmas… both in my decor and in gifts!  Even at my ripe old age of 45, one of the gifts I look forward to most is my stocking!  So I’m here to help you find pretties to fill those lovely mantel hangers!    These are usually smaller gifts, with personal touches,  anyone can appreciate and will make your special someone very happy. I have some stocking stuffer ideas today that are perfect for her, so feel free to take some inspiration, and let’s get started. (And not to worry…. stocking stuffers for our “hims” are coming very soon!)

Electronics & Accessories 

I’m not saying to put a brand new iPhone in her stocking  (oooo that would nice though, lol), but these items are the perfect small gifts anyone would appreciate. This Courant Catch 2 Wireless Charger is impressive; instead of plugging in your phone, you can just lay it on this pad, and it charges your phone without all the annoying cords. I think this aGO II Portable Speaker is another great stocking stuffer. Perfect for bringing to the go-to outings with friends and small for easy travel. If you have AirPods or any headphones, you know they can get a buildup of earwax and other nasty buildups pretty frequently. The Pinch Provisions Earbud Detail Kit is just what you need and comes in the cutest packaging. If she does have Airpods, this Janet Gwen Rose AirPods Case is another small gift that would be much appreciated. Also, the clip feature is a lifesaver. 

Beauty Stuffers

This stocking stuffer gift guide is for her, so we have to throw some beauty products into the mix. The classic Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette isn’t new but is my daily go to for my eye shadow. This palette has many timeless colors that are perfect for any eye look. Speaking of eye looks, the LancômeMonsieur Big Volumizing Mascara is MY FAV MASCARA EVER; this stuff transforms my eyelashes and lasts all day with no flaking or build up. (And while we are talking about lashes, I’ve been drinking the Lash Boost koolaid since December 2016 and SWEAR by it….. it worked to grow my lashes in to the thick, long eye catchers they are today! You can get this for her (or him) here.)  Next up is a staple in almost every girl’s beauty drawer; these Tinkle Eyebrow Razors are fantastic for shaping up your brows and removing any unwanted hair on the face. Also, I love to use these to scrape away any dead skin buildup on my face during my skincare routine (and get rid of those pesky chins hairs that spring up in your 30s, lol). Another great stuffer item is this Kitsch Mini Spa Rollers Set, designed to reach all the small crevices of your face. 

Stocking Stuffers for Relaxation 

Any girl would love these small items for self-care or soothing. Trust me, these gifts are wanted and usually work for everyone. For example, these Fuzzy Socks Slippers are adorable and inexpensive to throw in her Christmas stocking. (I mean, for real, I have a drawer full and in the winter they LIVE on my feet during the cozy season.) For the girls who struggle with insomnia, this Magnesium Sleep Lotion with Lavender and Melatonin is the perfect gift for them. It smells amazing and totally settles your legs when you apply it on them before bed. (My cousin told me about this around 2 years ago and this is another product I SWEAR by.) Another calming favorite is this Calm Essential Oil Roll-On Blend, which helps with sleep or anxiety. Just roll a small amount onto the wrist and neck area, as you would a roll on perfume. 

The Stocking & Miscellaneous Stuffers 

This is a stocking stuffer blog, so we need the main component. A stocking! I love these Bouclé Stockings because they’re a perfect size and aesthetic for everyone, simple but cute. This Ander Scout Wallet in the color blush is another excellent basic idea. I’m a particular fan of this style because it has plenty of room for all your cards and cash but isn’t bulky, and great quality for under $50 (use code SIMPLY for free shipping). Gift cards are great if you start running out of creative ideas, and who doesn’t love Starbucks? These also come in a pack of four, so you can give one to everyone on your list this year. The last item on the list is this Candle Wick Trimmer. These make a world of difference when it comes to my candle upkeep, and this one has a pretty design. Appropriately trimming your candles help maximum their lifespan because they burn so much more evenly. 

I can’t wait for the holiday season to come into full effect! I know we are still in the early stages, but I can’t help but be excited. It’s not too early to start your holiday shopping. For me, the sooner, the better to avoid the stress of last-minute shopping. Tell me in the comments some of your favorite stocking stuffers and let’s all learn from one another.   If you want to jump on any of these stocking stuffers now, you can shop everything here:


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  1. Tonda Franklin says:

    Since my grown kids still get a stocking, I buy a lot of lottery scratch-offs. I used to buy just $1 tickets & put them in their stockings. But now I buy an assortment from $1 to $10 ones & put them in a big bowl/bag. I then pass it around letting them draw one at a time (so now they can’t say it was rigged lol). Then it goes back the other direction, so the same person doesn’t draw last every time, until they are all gone. Of course I tell them that I get a cut if they hit big haha.

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