2 Simple Decor Styles For Creating A Perfect Christmas Tablescape

Oooo friends! We are less than two weeks away from Christmas! Do you have plans for your Christmas table? If you are looking for ideas, I gotcha with today’s post! Whether you are making Christmas dinner or having a holiday party, I have some fun table-setting essentials for you today! If you don’t plan on either of these, but want every inch of your home to have holiday spirit, these options work for you too!

Christmas Table Setting

Holly Jolly Table Inspiration

I adore this Christmas tablescape on my island kitchen. Obviously, this is not a practical for everyday use. But if you plan on hosting this season, this is a fantastic setup. To make the hostess’s job a tad easier, I love this dining hall setup. Guests can walk around and mingle while enjoying tasting treats. With this arrangement, I would consider it appropriate for a more casual Christmas party. But not to worry if you have more elegant plans this holiday season! I’ll cover that in a minute. 🙂

All of these pieces are from past holiday collections I have accumulated over the years. This dishware is definitely on the bright and fun side of Christmas decor. I love the tie between classic Christmas details and newer prints. All though these dishware pieces are from Christmases past, I have found the perfect dupes for your table this season.

Christmas Table Setting

Similiar Christmas Table Finds

Inspired by my Holly Jolly Table Finds, all of these pieces will give you a beautiful festive tablescape this season. The main focus of inspiration for this table setting is the eye-catching red plaid details. These Dalton Check Yarn Dyed Cotton/Linen Napkins are almost identical to mine. Another nearly perfect match is this Cotton Colors Buffalo Ruffle Small Bowl, perfect for serving all your holiday dips. For placemats, I have some multi-color ones with significant hints of red showing through. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find an exact dupe for this, but this St. Nicholas Square Holiday Braided Placemat would do the trick!

Although I didn’t find an exact match for the main plates, but I found these Mistletoe Assorted Salad Plates. I love the mix of patterns used, which can add dimension to your table design. However, I did find a pretty close match with these Red Truck Christmas Tree Salad Plates. If you thought the plate setup couldn’t get any better, this Stainless Steel Flatware with red grips is the perfect complement to the fun plates. I went with some simple greenery for centerpieces to highlight the red and green Christmas theme. These Faux Potted Ferns are a perfect size & don’t overwhelm this already festive space. Last but not least, y’all know I had to add these Holiday Wonder Santa Mugs. They are super cute, and you can put straws or silverware in them for easy grab-and-go holiday party setups.

Elegant Christmas Table

Elegant Christmas Table

As much as a fan I am of the colorful Christmas decor, I love the elegant side of the holidays just as much. Let’s transition from my kitchen island to my formal dining room table. For items I have on display all season, I tend to find more neutral tones with silver or gold accents for presentation.

This tablescape is for a more formal holiday party with some of your closest friends and family. Honestly, this setup is generally festive and can work for various occasions such as Thanksgiving, Easter, birthdays, etc. Luckily, if you love this setup just as much as me, I have found almost identical pieces to achieve this gold leaf look.


Elegant Christmas Table

Gold Leaf Table Finds

I want to skip the placemats for this look and jump straight into these gorgeous Moon Glass Leaf Salad Plates. The emphasis on this whole design will fall into matching this sumptuous dish. These Stoneware Reactive Glaze Appetizer Plates complement the gold perfectly. I think adding this Gold Flatware Set is an obvious choice for silverware. I chose these Gold Border Napkins to go with the Martha Stewart Holiday Napkin Rings, which I think is my favorite part.

The centerpiece for this table setting is the cherry on top for creating an elegant look. I love this Draper Brass Pillar Candle Centerpiece, which can easily transform between seasons to match your decor. For the purpose of Christmas, I think this Leafy Glam String Lights Garland would look amazing, wrapped around your centerpiece of choice this season. I don’t believe a tablecloth would do this design any justice, but this Everly Quinn Table Runner is perfect especially to help protect your table from all the holiday fun. Last but not least, for all your holiday cheers, these Etched Gold Rim Wine Glasses  are perfect to toast off with every holiday season.

I can’t believe that in a short two weeks, we will have celebrated Christmas and will start preparing for the New Year’s! Decorating for the holidays will always have a special place in my heart. You can feel so much joy in the air! If you need more last-minute inspiration for getting your home ready for the holidays, check out my blog on decorating the interior spaces of your home! If you loved the table settings I shared today, you can shop all of the items here:

Then let us know in the comments if you have other festive tablescape ideas! I’d love to hear!

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  1. Brenda Johnson says:

    Such beautiful table scapes! I tried to order the cute round placemats, but they were out of them☹️

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