Decorating My Home For Spring

If you are like me, I am SOOOOOO happy we are well into spring with summer in our sights! Give me all the warm temps, flowers and green grass! When this time of the year comes, it calls for a home refresh. While I tend to mostly decorate for major holidays, spring might be my favorite. All the colors and refreshing light decor after the doldrums of winter are so refreshing. There is just something about bringing in fresh flowers and tons of greenery into your home! It’s is like a breath of fresh air. The best part about this season is that it doesn’t require much decor to bring the spring feeling into your home. Start with some fresh flowers and mix fun patterns with lots of color. Today I’m sharing how I decorated my home for spring, featuring some of my favorite spots.

Spring Dining Room Refresh

Spring Dining Room

If you have been following my page for a while, this room should be familiar. This is my dining room in its most raw form. You might look at this space and think, “Wow, that room is perfect for springtime.” And I agree! But these are my year-round chairs and dining table. My floral patterned French chairs (made by the amazing @chairwhimsy) definitely make this space pop and perfectly highlight my Lecompte Rug. This rug stays put most of the year. However, switching out my rugs between seasons is my biggest decor tip. It is not required by any means, but I think it can do wonders for elevating any design.

I added a fun polka dot planter with some fresh stems. I’ll let you in on a little secret, the wreath hanging on the wall is from Christmas… 2017, lol. But who isn’t a fan of repurposing their decor? A little green never hurt, and this stays up all year.

Decorating My Library Area

Decorating my living room

This is my library area from spring past, but I still love it just as much now as I did then. Again this is also my space in its most natural state. The majority of spring decor here is my plants, and I wouldn’t hesitate to add even more. My mantel is my favorite place to decorate because I have staggering shelves to create dimension and diversity in my objects. Nothing “matches” but instead works together and compliments colors I have peaking out around the rest of this space. My taste leans more toward the colorful southern cottage aesthetic, which is best friends with spring decor. Here are some tips for elevating your home no matter what your style is:

  • Switch your throw pillows/ shams for something more playful in colors or patterns. They DO NOT need to match! However, complementing colors is a good rule of thumb to follow when playing with different shades.
  • Of course, add as much greenery and flowers as possible. Hard to overdo this one.
  • Some other decor pieces I love for spring are rattan baskets, lighter wood objects, colorful paintings, and terracotta vases.

Spring Living Room

Here is another glimpse of my library area. Nothing in this space is new, but I love it for spring. The only thing I would add here is one of my rugs from my collection. Maybe more greenery too, but that is a given! Additionally, I could add some throw pillows with a spring-like pattern and a rattan basket with throw blankets or any miscellaneous living room essentials.

Spring Home Entryway

My home foyer for spring

Here is a view peaking from the entryway of my home. I have an open floor plan that connects my two living spaces to my dining room and kitchen. Utilizing large open spaces like this can be challenging to create an effortless flow but still distinguish each space as its own how. I tackled this issue by adding different rugs to each area to create its own atmosphere. Most of my furniture could blend together to fit into one room, but I did try to mix different pillows and woods to differentiate. Of course, some other features to mention are the different ceiling lights and subtle decor. Again, this is my entryway/ living room year-round except when I decorate for other holidays. But, can you guess what I added to get that “spring feeling?” Greenery! You can probably guess, but if you took away all the plants here, I guarantee it would not look nearly as much like a home ready for spring.

Adding Spring To My Mudroom Home Mudroom

I love how my mudroom turned out. I highly recommend putting a mudroom in your home if you don’t already have one. It’s the perfect drop zone for mail, shoes, purses and backpacks!  But let’s get into the decor here. If you remember the floral pattern on my dining room chairs, this cushion is very similar. I have this out year-round because of my personal taste, which happens to be the perfect spring pattern. However, if you want to do something like this in your home, you don’t need a new cushion every season. Instead, you can take any old sheet from a thrift store and tuck the corners for a fitted look. Better yet, look for fabrics discounted off season at your local retail store.  The greenery makes this small space feel open and light. In every corner, I added a plant and some flowers that matched my existing pattern on the cushions.

If you are struggling with how to decorate your home for this spring, don’t worry to much! Just think about the basics. You don’t need to shop for more decor every season; you can pick up some fresh stems from your local store. Another tips is to switch out rugs and throw/throw pillows to coordinate with lighter colors.  Don’t hesitate to repurpose decor from other seasons, such as wreaths or any type of greenery, to complement your home. For more spring home inspiration, check out my Creating Your Dream Spring Porch blog and also this fun post on Redfin that mentions me! Decorating your home for spring does not have to be expensive or time-consuming.  You can work with what you have (plus some greenery ;)) to create a dreamy, timeless space.

In the comments below, please share some of your favorite spring styling tips, and let’s all learn from each other!


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  1. Marianne Green says:

    You have just helped me tremendously. I have just completed some remodeling, and the budget has gotten tight. The idea of using sheets for the cushions in our sunroom instead of purchasing new ones is a lifesaver right now! Thanks for the tip😊

  2. Linda F says:

    It looks very fresh and pretty!

  3. PamelaPamela Lester says:

    I love the wall in your library area. I would never think of mounting books on the wall. How did you attach them?

  4. Theresa Garza says:

    Love your ENTIRE look!… Especially those fantastic woven shades. Can you share where these were purchased? (Or how they were made).
    You are such an inspiration!!!

  5. Robyn Leigh Gregory says:

    Sara your home is such cozy and beautiful place!
    All your tips are so good! I think my favorite thing is your use of books to bring in color and also tell the story of your former life- an elementary teacher! That is brilliant and oh so beautiful! Love it!

  6. Angie Wilson says:

    You have done so well with Minden. Every woman needs to help her town to become homely and welcoming! I live in a small town. We have only talked about making it better. You did something! Good for you. Keep up the good work & post. I live in Louisiana, we will be visiting soon.
    Best Wishes… Keep going!!!

  7. I have heard you say and show us twice, where you got the plants with the water reservoirs. Do you mind telling me again? I want to order a small tree for my tiny living area at assisted living. I need to see the green badly.🤣🤣

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