Summer Entertaining Decor Ideas

With Memorial Day finally here, the unofficial start of summer is NOW! And I am SOOO happy! For me, I LOVE warmer temps and bright sunshine! There is just a lightness in the air AND in my heart. Do you typically feel the same way? Oftentimes it seems like I won’t survive the doldrums of winter, so I’m ALWAYS glad when warmer temps arrive.  Summer is the best time to fall in love with your outdoor space and I love to decorate accordingly. In this post, let’s highlight some of my favorite patio and outdoor dining pieces, as well as one of my favorite summer touches – a big and beautiful American flag! Summer is full of the best red, white, and blue holidays and personally, I love to lean into those colors when I am decorating for this season.

One of my favorite home decor pieces that I like to change up each season is my wreaths! When placed on the front door, it sets the tone and feeling for the rest of the home before you or guests walk in. I have a deep love for hydrangeas and when they are used in a wreath, I love how full and lush it looks. This is a fresh one I made a few years ago, but this hydrangea wreath  pairs well with all the summer colors for styling.

Summer in my backyard is my favorite.  All the springtime hard work to refresh your plants and prep the yard pays off when you can sit back and relax with an iced tea and your favorite people. This two-seat patio set pulls in more of the blues which I love, but the white also keeps it feeling neutral and also works in multiple seasons. I also found this all-white set which is very beautiful too! It’s fun to refresh patio dining sets. This set is from last year, but not to worry! There are always sooo many options. Pick a plate, cup, and utensil set, and get ready for the best BBQ!


A summer backyard is not complete without a big, beautiful American flag. It’s one of those things that when you see it in the summertime, you can’t help but smile. It makes me think of many memories and my heart beams with appreciation for our military members. I love going big and small with flags throughout the space. This similar red, white, and blue quilt is also perfect for picnics when laid out in the yard or taken to a park. I also love this picnic basket, and these plates are so cute!

How cute are these glasses!? These are from Macy’s a few years ago, but I found some additional options that would be so fun for any event. I love mixing and matching glasses with color, size, and shape! Summer is the best time to have fun with your dining decor! Typically if you take care of acrylics, they will last multiple summer seasons, but also, they are inexpensive and easy to change every year. And don’t forget to grab some cute coasters and festive trays for serving your snacks.


I always love seeing my greenhouse come to life in the summer with fresh planters, pots (these are all different colors!! I LOVE), and flowers. Different sizes of pots and planters will make your space look so cute especially if you have a sweet party coming up and need a little refresh for your yard.

Summer is a wonderful time to embrace your green thumb too! This similar planter box is so handy, and gives me easy access to my most used herbs. I like that it is up off the ground (if you don’t enjoy bending over into your garden). I love how it looks with the wreath above, but I also can move the planter around the yard if needed!

Styling summer spaces is always so much fun! I can’t wait to see what your space looks like too and hope this post provides you with a little inspiration.  Drop me a line with a picture of your space and/or share more in the comments below about your favorite patriotic, summer styling options.  Now, onwards and upwards to summer and all the fun events the season has in store.

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  1. Debbie Cooley says:

    Will you share the floor plans and materials needed to build your greenhouse?

    • Sara McDaniel says:

      Hey Debbie! I’m so so sorry! There weren’t any plans. We just built it. It’s basically just a frame from lumber, we screwed on old windows, added beams for trusses and then put the variegated Plexiglas on the top.

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