Top 9 Travel Must-Haves When You Are On The Go

Here are my best tips and must haves for those living that travel life (or those that want to 😉). For the last nearly twenty years, I have been traveling for work and have it down to a fine art. While I don’t travel nearly as much for work anymore, I still love to get on an airplane any chance I can get. Here are my top nine must-haves when I travel!

Simply Southern Cottage Travel Must-Haves

1.Travel Must-Haves: A Comfy Walking Shoe

Simply Southern Cottage Travel Must-Haves: Comfy Shoes

These Adidas shoes fit and feel like an absolute dream. They have a cloudfoam memory liner and hug the foot creating a perfect fit. I love these shoes when I travel because I can navigate the airport quickly and comfortably in order to catch my flights. I ALWAYS keep a new spare pair in my closet because I’m so afraid they will go “out of print.” If you need the best tennis shoe of your life, these are the ones you should get.

2. Chic, Functional Luggage

Simply Southern Cottage Travel Must-Haves: Functional Luggage

Luggage that doesn’t roll well, is no bueno. This luggage is lightweight and durable, and it rolls so easily. The pink so fun and chic as well. 

3.Travel Must-Haves: A Trendy Casual Jumpsuit

Simply Southern Cottage Travel Must-Haves: Trendy Jumpsuit

Another travel must-have is a trendy jumpsuit! I know. I know. What happens when I need to go the bathroom?! Trust me, it’s NO biggie and is a small price to pay to feel like you are wearing pjs. It’s the perfect travel outfit.

4. Functional Travel Backpack

Simply Southern Cottage Travel Must-Haves: Laptop Backpack

I am really surprised how much I can pack in this backpack. It has a special pocket for your laptop, a plugin to keep your devices charged, and pockets on the outside as well. I am so glad I was influenced to purchase this bag this last year. In fact, it was one of my top 2023 best sellers.

5. Travel Must-Haves: A Cute Wallet Keychain

Simply Southern Cottage Travel Must-Haves: Keychain Wallet

I love that this keychain wallet is so slim and doesn’t really take up a lot of room. It’s also RFID protective, so I don’t have to worry about keeping my cards super secure as I’m walking through the airport. The cute print really doesn’t hurt either. There are a variety of colors to suit your liking.  

6. A Passport Holder

Simply Southern Cottage Travel Must-Haves: Passport Holder

If you’re traveling internationally, you’ll need your passport. This cute passport holder matches all of my pink travel accessories, but it also has a place to hold other important document cards as well. 

7. Travel Bottles for Toiletries

Simply Southern Cottage Travel Must-Haves: Travel Bottles

If you’re flying, you know you’ve got to go through TSA. These bottles are TSA approved for your liquid toiletries. When you use these, you can still use your favorite toiletry brands instead of trying to find a travel size that will work. 

8.Travel Must Haves: Compression Socks

Fact: Traveling for extended distances is hard on your circulatory system. Get your blood circulating in style with these trendy compression socks. Anytime you are flying long distance, compression socks are a must have.

9. A Refillable Water Bottle

Remember talking about going through TSA earlier?! They’ll make you throw a brand new bottle of water away too. Problem solved! Bring an empty, refillable water bottle through security with you and fill it up at a water fountain before heading to your gate! 

I really could go on and on because I really love to travel. I love seeing places I’ve never seen and meeting new people. It’s so refreshing. Do you love to travel?! Any travel must-haves that I may have missed?! I can’t wait to hear from you!! 

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